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Daybreak sees the start of the day for Favis of Salcombe with the arrival of our Crabber, the Emma Jane. It’s a family affair for the crew of the Emma Jane, she works six days a week with the Favis brothers and family grafting on board.

We are out at sea every day come rain or shine unless high winds make it unsafe to do so. We travel 30 miles in to the English Channel to haul the crab and lobsters from our 2,000 pots. Life in the fishing industry is certainly a hard one and although some of the cold winter months can chill you to the bone we still thrive on the daily challenges.

Hauling the pots and landing the catch is just the beginning of the day. Once ashore the fresh shellfish is unloaded in our purpose built factory where it is cooked and100% hand-picked by our experienced team. Our crab meat is vacuum packed to retain its freshness and then distributed locally, we also deliver live crab and lobster to customers, wholesalers and some of the finest restaurants in the UK.

Our father Keith, originally a long distance lorry driver, decided that a change of direction was needed and purchased the 1st fishing boat in 1972. The family run business which now includes the two brothers, Nigel and Kevin, Pippa, Laura and Sam has been cracking crab ever since.

A few years ago we started to explore the export market, we now send crab predominantly into mainland China and export in excess of 10 tonnes a week. Last year we were recognised in the Western News Business Awards as Exporter of the Year and we are the largest exporter of Crab & Lobster in the South West.

We are really proud of our team, our family and our product. From the seabed to the plate can take less than eight hours and you really couldn’t get much fresher than that. We are continually updating our practices and are delighted to support local celebrations of food such as the Dartmouth Food Festival and suppliers such as celebrity chef Mitch Tonks.

We have also recently launched our on-line shop so the public can enjoy our fabulous product delivered to them anywhere in the UK so the future is looking full of cracking new challenges for us.

Visit www.salcombecrabandlobster.co.uk to order on-line.




Our Salcombe Brown Crab is regarded as being the best quality in the world, due to the beautiful nutrient enriched water that it lives and breeds in.

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Our sustainably caught Salcombe Blue Lobster is rich in health benefits due to the South Devon habitat in which it survives.



Delivery of Live Crab & Lobster to UK Wholesalers 

We deliver live crab and lobster to customers, wholesalers and some of the UK's finest hotels and restaurants in the UK.



Europe and Far East Export of Live Crab & Lobster

We export live crab and lobster to Europe including France, Spain and Portugal, we also export to Hong Kong and China by air freight.


 We only fish in sustainable waters to ensure the fish stocks are able to maintain themselves, preserving the quality of the product 

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