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favis and emma jane buys the blue house crab company salcombe

Favis of Salcombe Ltd (formerly W K Favis & Sons) have recently purchased Blue House Crab Company with a view to provide an exciting new way of offering sustainably sourced brown crab and lobster to trade and retail customers.

The Blue House Crab Company already supplies some of the best hotels and restaurants in the South Hams, South Devon, so teaming up with expert fishermen Nigel and Keith of Favis of Salcombe Ltd provides a way of sourcing local shellfish from sea to chef in one simple step.

Caught by the Emma Jane fishing vessel and landed in Salcombe harbour, live crab and lobster are held in an innovative seawater system at Favis Of Salcombe's new headquarters in Torr Quarry.

"Holding shellfish in sparkling pure saltwater keeps our stock in peak condition, ultimately the quality and taste is unbeatable. Provenence is key and our supply chain is totally traceable" explains Tom Bun.

A new cooking and processing facility has recentlybeen installed and products include live and cooked crab, 100% hand-picked crab, plus live or cooked lobster.

All existing customers of the Blue House Crab Company have welcombed the news and Favis of Salcombe have confirmed business as usual.

If you are own a cafe, restaurant, hotel or any catering business in the South Hams or South Devon area, we look forward to speaking to you about setting up a trade account to purchase our Salcombe Crab and Lobster. Please contact us on 01548 521182.



Delivery of Live Crab & Lobster to UK Wholesalers 

We deliver live crab and lobster to customers, wholesalers and some of the UK's finest hotels and restaurants in the UK.



Europe and Far East Export of Live Crab & Lobster

We export live crab and lobster to Europe including France, Spain and Portugal, we also export to Hong Kong and China by air freight.


 We only fish in sustainable waters to ensure the fish stocks are able to maintain themselves, preserving the quality of the product 

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